customland 2014, 8-9 november
surabaya town square
get the lucky draw for bukopin credit card holder
the street rocker tracker

open registration for booth until 2 november 2014 or until full

open registration for leather workshop by cethul leather art only for 25 lucky people

free for car and motorcycle show off registration

for further info cek our facebook page customland_id

628175285877 yurie
62816505824 pras

see you soon
surabayafirstkustomeet – with Arif, AoK, Rydho, Dhani Hilman, Dionysius, Adia, Arif, ANGGIE, Pieter, Claudia, Andri, Adi, Gary, Chesoen, Boy, Anindita, Fey, GED, Reny, Reo, Edbert, Alek, nanda, Brayen, Okky, Sir Aldo Maulana , tulus, Rabid, Slamet, bhayu, Lusec.oi, Anggabooth, Saddam, Ameck, Abah , Dofa R, monika, Dian Purnama, Hendrix, Angga 🍺, dje, bagus, Denny, Yuda, Rony, FX, Bobby, Gani, Adrianka, Dimas, ndo, PilotKapalSelam, and E.W

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