a previlege with Saturday Afternoon

As a wedding photographer, and wedding vendors we almost cant had our own sat ur day. Saturday is the day we have to wake up early and works our ass to the bone for our clients.

but This Saturday we can held a small “meeting” talking about our emp4t, it wasn’t the meeting that im gonna talked about, but how we enjoy our saturday sih…

15.00 we’re gonna meet at our “favourite” (the only place with great coffee, great palylist, and the most of it the only place that feels like home) the only place that accepting our stupidity i think…

Black barn, peternakan hitam in Indonesia owned by my college friend with his wife that just got their baby. two months now i think. Addressed at jalan untung suropati with few other hip cafe in Surabaya. Not for long ago, few weeks before new year we held our first exhibition there, it called 2 Jiwa. Surabaya’s first wedding photography “exhibition that held in a cafe. Miko is the name, a guy that bulid blackbarn very quiet guy with a lot in mind… His dream for Surabaya made me choose his place for our first exhibition, warm welcome and open arms accepting our concept for exhibition.

So lets talk about our Saturday afternoon, talking about going to make another exhibition. Poke a few of many wedding photographer in Surabaya, that they can make a change from what we called wedding industries now. How to put slightest small signature of their self in each of their photos.

Our Saturday afternoon, after that very serious meeting, going to be more interesting. We put our phone and start talking. Real talking, talking about each of our self what made us can sit here in the saturday afternoon.

Chesoen, Veni, Budi, and me of course and Miko came to join us few moments later. It was always started with Chesoen, he always can found his own way to make a conversation. Our menu for that afternoon is bad boy… hahahahhaha such a cliche menu, but from that it can lead to a conclusion that every each of us except Budi i think had their own stupid moments, that made us to learn and kept on walking facing our “SURABAYA”.

enough talking, ill show you few pics that taken by me and chesoen there.

in a serious meeting…

Andara Getih, Miko’s daughter. Taken by Chesoen.

and that’s Chesoen… an old soul inside…

and that’s Miko and his wife, the famous carrot cake maker. i think it was the best carrot cake.

six last pictures before we end the saturday…

warm regards, and enjoi…


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