It is sunday… A free Sunday…

After saving my previous blog, my First son yelled towards me , Bapaaak ayo jalan-jalan! (Dad let’s go outside, take me for a walk).

Hmmmm, what a sound that i miss in my Sunday, usually i don’t have such a privileges hearing that in this Sunday morning. What a sound.

Grab  my camera, and the carrying his trike downstairs and call him to go outside…

Sometimes, i kept on forgetting the main purpose why I’m falling into photography, this morning my son reminds me of that…

maybe only 20 minutes we are taking a walk around the neighbour hood, but there’s a lot of things that reminds me why i love photography…

here they are hope you guys can see it…


yur_5147yur_5139yur_5134yur_5132yur_5127yur_5121yur_5118yur_5117yur_5116yur_5115yur_5114yur_5112yur_5109yur_5106yur_5103yur_5104yur_5099yur_5096  Rana Laksana Pijar Muhammad, born in 28th Spetember 2012



warm regards, and enjoi…

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