Dwi Prasetya

Quite well-known name in design and kustom culture in Surabaya. I was met him, again apparently about 5 years ago after long overdue from the first meet. I think it was 2000 something. No special memories bout it, but now we came closer as a friend and partner i think… Got this tought about how to make something with our Surabaya. After few talking bout sh*t and complaining why Surabaya always Surabaya, we decided to make an event about Surabaya Kustom culture scene. Here im not gonna talked about the event, but about Dwi Prasetya himself, mas Prass i called him although we had the same age.

He is a men with a lot of dream, had his DPC (DwiPrasCustom) a workshop that build kustom motorbikes, teaching in two well known univesities in Surabaya, and a proud father of a twin (Aslan and Mufasa) wow what a name.

work like hell was his favorite quote, means that he will do anything as if he going through make what he is believe to happen.

He had the Fumes 13, a collaborative group that looking a small lights in this darkest area to make it as the brightest star all people ever watched, he take a few of his students and try to made them one of the toughest student that the most ready to enter creative life in Surabaya.

I think im not really good with words telling about somebody, here a few pic of him i take few days ago. Hope you can get what im gonna telling you here.


and thats him.

the fumes 13.


living on the fast lane since 2013




warm regards, hope gonna enjoi it…

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