Rani + Yogi

mencoba untuk memandang pernikahan Rani dan Yogi melalui mata saya, terimakasih buat @venilaks dari @celticcreative

video ruang photoworks

makeup joice ananta

so, enjoi


Akad Nikah of a Biker

Akad of a Biker, when love touch everyone.

Johan, a friend o mine called me in the middle of my family vacation said that he need a photographer… He told me to be ready with all my gears at the first day of 2017.

I wonder what I’m gonna do, did he going to have a couple session, taking pics of his bikes, or something. My last wedding work for 2016 was at 29th December 2016, got troubled with my phone after that wedding, my phone suddenly got no service. For your information it is end of the year, so i decided gonna fix it few days after the new year lah…

Suddenly i remembered that i got to take pics go Johan at the first January, without any explanation about the time and place… trying all communication i know to contact him, but no response. January first 2017 around 07.37 he informed me that i should be ready at his house 09.00 and he told me that the “Akad” is today! Oh sh*t, as fast as i can got showered and call a few friends of mine to help me with this project… but how???

Dimas was the first to answered my crying for help, i gave him the groom to be phone number and told him to be ready at the bride house without knowing the exact address and NAME… Haahahahahha silly me, but that whats make this few of pic about their Akad so…

Hope you guys gonna enjoy it…



and here he is…

before leaving meeting the bride…

the bride and her friends,

the akad procession,

quickie couple session

the BIKE


and thats me…



warm regards… enjoi


Akad Nikah Yuvi+Hata

Weddings are beautiful events. But at the end of the day, it’s the expressions found in the wedding that is truly beautiful. I sleep better at night knowing that I have captured most of it in the camera that I take.

so glad to capture all the moments in your wedding Yuvi and Hata.


Praditya+Natasya; Siraman, Midodareni, Akad Nikah

siraman, midodareni, dan akad nikah Praditya+Natasya

wedding organiser Celtic creative