The Wedding of Ivan and Sabrina

and this is their full wedding album

it’s pretty wonderful watching people get married.

especially when they’re deeply in love to each other.
it’s ivan and sabrina time forever and ever and ever.

forever ever.


WD Samuel+Fely

what a freakin weekend.

surabaya with its hot and sunny and windy open garden and its sunset. open skies and blue waters.

and this groom–in his sick black suit–losing it when he hold his girl coming down the aisle.
and this bride–in her white wearing gown–grinning from ear to ear when she holds him. long distance no more. just all love. all heart. closeness.

lately there’s this moment that happens at every wedding I shoot. it’s quiet for a bit and I’m alone in my head and it hits me like a wave–this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel called to it. it feels like purpose. meeting you. hugging you. taking your family on as my own. taking care of you. I know this is it. and I remember each of you and every wedding and hand squeeze. I am going to keep doing this. clear eyes and full hearts over here.

Akad Nikah Yuvi+Hata

Weddings are beautiful events. But at the end of the day, it’s the expressions found in the wedding that is truly beautiful. I sleep better at night knowing that I have captured most of it in the camera that I take.

so glad to capture all the moments in your wedding Yuvi and Hata.


Our guideline to our future clients

dear our beloved future clients, in this pdf you’ll get to know us and we’ll try to explain what is wedding photography for us… and after reading this pdf we’re hoping that you’ll tell us what is wedding photography for you.

so enjoi…

py guide

Ruben+Dona Fun Session

One fine day on August 22nd, 2015, Ruben April Pelenkahu, one of Surabaya’s photographers finally married her life companion, Dona Julita. After almost 5 years of dating (as I can remembered), the couple just wanted to celebrate the continuation of their journey in life together with those they loved the most and in the way suited them best – friendly wedding, one of a few weddings i attend that so warm and friendly.

When a man and a woman share a sincere, loving relationship, this union is legalized in a marriage according to religion and tradition.

Using friendly rustic themed party, Ruben and Dona’s wedding ceremony took place in a warm and mellow ambience they almost made al the guest cried with their vows to each other.

Congratulations and all the best for both of you. May we cross path again in future time.


Praditya+Natasya; Siraman, Midodareni, Akad Nikah

siraman, midodareni, dan akad nikah Praditya+Natasya

wedding organiser Celtic creative

E-Session Hendra and Natalie